Apache 2 Pocket Reference (pdf)

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subtitel For Apache Programmers & Administrators
auteur(s) Andrew Ford
editie 1
ean 9780596155766
aantal pagina's 180
publicatie datum 2008-10-07
taal EN
formaat PDF
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Even if you know the Apache web server inside and out, you still need an occasional on-the-job reminder -- especially if you're moving to the newer Apache 2.x. Apache 2 Pocket Reference gives you exactly what you need to get the job done without forcing you to plow through a cumbersome, doorstop-sized reference.

This Book provides essential information to help you configure and maintain the server quickly, with brief explanations that get directly to the point. It covers Apache 2.x, giving web masters, web administrators, and programmers a quick and easy reference solution.

This pocket reference includes:

  • Summaries of command-line options, configuration directives, and modules
  • Key information about Apache support utilities
  • What you need to know about URL rewriting, filters, caching, proxying and security

Whether you manage huge e-commerce operations, corporate intranets, or small personal websites, Apache 2 Pocket Reference is ideal for savvy administrators who no longer need detailed tutorials and just want a convenient, on-the-job reference.

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