Book: A Futurist's Manifesto (pdf)

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ean 9781449320393
subtitel A Collection of Essays from the Bleeding Edge of Publishing
formaat PDF
auteur(s) Hugh McGuire, Brian O'Leary
editie 1
aantal pagina's 318
taal EN
publicatie datum 2011-10-21
bestandsgrootte 10.10 MB

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The ground beneath the book publishing industry dramatically shifted in 2007, the year the Kindle and the iPhone debuted. Widespread consumer demand for these and other devices has brought the pace of digital change in book publishing from "it might happen sometime" to "it’s happening right now"—and it is happening faster than anyone predicted.

Yet this is only a transitional phase. Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto is your guide to what comes next, when all books are truly digital, connected, and ubiquitous. Through this collection of essays from thought leaders and practitioners, you’ll become familiar with a wide range of developments occurring in the wake of this digital book shakeup:

  • Discover new tools that are rapidly transforming how content is created, managed, and distributed
  • Understand the increasingly critical role that metadata plays in making book content discoverable in an era of abundance
  • Look inside some of the publishing projects that are at the bleeding edge of this digital revolution
  • Learn how some digital books can evolve moment to moment, based on reader feedback

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