Developing with Couchbase Server (pdf)

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ean 9781449331146
subtitel Building Scalable, Flexible Database-Based Applications
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auteur(s) MC Brown
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publicatie datum 2013-02-01
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Today’s highly interactive websites pose a challenge for traditional SQL databases—the ability to scale rapidly and serve loads of concurrent users. With this concise guide, you’ll learn how to build web applications on top of Couchbase Server 2.0, a NoSQL database that can handle websites and social media where hundreds of thousands of users read and write large volumes of information.

Using food recipe information as examples, this book demonstrates how to take advantage of Couchbase’s document-oriented database design, and how to store and query data with various CRUD operations. Discover why Couchbase is better than SQL databases with memcached tiers for managing data from the most interactive portions of your application.

  • Learn about Couchbase Server’s cluster-based architecture and how it differs from SQL databases
  • Choose a client library for Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, or C, and connect to a cluster
  • Structure data in a variety of formats, from serialized objects, a stream of raw bytes, or as JSON documents
  • Learn core storage and retrieval methods, including document IDs, expiry times, and concurrent updates
  • Create views with map/reduce and learn Couchbase mechanisms for querying and selection

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