Hiring Geeks That Fit (pdf)

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Do you want to hire great people? Not sure how? Read this book.

Knowledge workers -- your geeks -- are different from skill-based staff. So, you should hire them differently. You need to analyze your situation, determine the problems you have, understand your culture, and then you can hire the right kinds of people.

Cultural fit is critical, because we rarely fire people based on technical skill. But we frequently fire them because of that elusive fit. And, that's an expensive proposition.

Hiring great geeks forces you to recognize and match culture, non-technical qualities, preferences and skills, and finally, technical skills. These people will adapt their knowledge to your specific situation, the context. They are the sum of both what they know and how they apply that knowledge to the product.

As a result, one developer, tester, or technical manager is not interchangeable with another. This makes hiring technical people one of the most critical and difficult processes a technical manager or team can undertake.

Hiring Geeks That Fit takes the guesswork out of hiring and reduces the risk of costly hiring mistakes. You'll learn how to:

  • Develop a hiring strategy so you know how to solve your problem
  • Analyze the job, so the job description and ad falls out of the analysis

    I Source candidates, using a variety of approaches including LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Develop effective ads for different mediums
  • Review resumes quickly to determine Yes, No, or Maybe candidates
  • Develop behavior-description questions and auditions
  • Create phone screens that help you know who to bring in for an in-person interview
  • Make the most of an in-person interview
  • Check references
  • Extend an offer that will attract a win-win acceptance or tender a gentle-but-decisive rejection
  • Create a great first day experience for new hires
  • Learn how to create a buddy system to decrease the cost of a new hire
  • What to do if you can't find someone

You, your team, and your organization will live with the long-term consequences of your hiring decision. Investing the time for you and your team in how to hire and interview will pay off fast.

This book was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.


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