Oracle Initialization Parameters Pocket Reference (pdf)

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subtitel Oracle Configuration Quick Reference
auteur(s) David C. Kreines
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ean 9780596528850
aantal pagina's 122
publicatie datum 2004-08-25
taal EN
formaat PDF
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Oracle designed its database products to be flexible and configurable so they would operate on a variety of hardware platforms, and they succeeded--Oracle software runs on more than seventy computer platforms, from mainframes to PC networks to handheld PDAs. The secret to this flexibility lies in the software's initialization parameters, whose numerous settings can be configured for top performance in countless environments. On the downside, however, improper settings can slow a system down; even grind it to a halt. And with so many parameters--which change from version to version of Oracle software--it's challenging for Oracle administrators to keep in mind the characteristics and optimal settings for each parameter.The Oracle Initialization Parameters Pocket Reference provides the crucial information you need to make key adjustments to your Oracle database. This concise guide is a mix of invaluable performance tips and a quick reference to Oracle's initialization parameters. The book describes each initialization parameter, indicates what category it's in--from auditing to multi-threaded server MTS--and whether it can be modified dynamically via the ALTER SESSION or ALTER SYSTEM command.In addition to the details about parameter characteristics and settings, you'll find performance tips, such as how the various parameters interact, and what the most advantageous settings are for different configurations. No other reference focuses exclusively on these initialization parameters--an absolute must for anyone working with an Oracle database.Presented in a handy, easy-to-use format, the Oracle Initialization Parameters Pocket Reference is a welcome alternative for anyone who's struggled to memorize the best configuration settings or gone back and forth to online resources, trying to figure out what works. O'Reilly's Pocket References put the information you need close at hand where you need it most. This guide will keep your Oracle databases operating at peak performance.

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