Scaling CouchDB (epub3)

Referentie: 9781449307219


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subtitel Replication, Clustering, and Administration
auteur(s) Bradley Holt
editie 1
ean 9781449307219
aantal pagina's 74
publicatie datum 2011-03-29
taal EN
formaat EPUB3
bestandsgrootte 1.34 MB

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This practical guide offers a short course on scaling CouchDB to meet the capacity needs of your distributed application. Through a series of scenario-based examples, this book lets you explore several methods for creating a system that can accommodate growth and meet expected demand. In the process, you learn about several tools that can help you with replication, load balancing, clustering, and load testing and monitoring.

  • Apply performance tips for tuning your database
  • Replicate data, using Futon and CouchDB’s RESTful interface
  • Distribute CouchDB’s workload through load balancing
  • Learn options for creating a cluster of CouchDB nodes, including BigCouch, Lounge, and Pillow
  • Conduct distributed load testing with Tsung

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