Stylus Studio X16 XML Enterprise

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Stylus Studio X16 XML Enterprise Suite provides a powerful XML editor, a comprehensive set of XML tools, and features for working with XML, XQuery, Web services, XML publishing, and many other XML technologies in a complete XML software package.

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XML Editor Key Features

  • XML Editor - Stylus Studio? Enterprise Suite includes numerous synchronized, visual XML editing views, Sense:X (Intelligent XML Editing), Integrated XML Validator, XML differencing, and much more!
  • XQuery Editor & XQuery Tools - The first and only XML development tool to support visual XQuery editing, XQuery mapping, and XQuery debugging.
  • XSLT Editor & XSLT Tools - Comprehensive XSLT development support, including XSLT editing, XSLT debugging, XSLT mapping, XSLT profiling, visual HTML-to-XSLT stylesheet design, XSL:FO, and much more!
  • EDI Tools - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) tools for converting, mapping and deploying advanced XML data integration applications. Supported EDI dialects include X12, EDIFACT, IATA, HIPAA and HL7.
  • XML Pipeline - XML Pipeline lets you model your entire XML application instead of just individual pieces - use it to design, edit, debug and deploy advanced XML data service applications.
  • XML Publishing - Visually design beautiful XML reports for XML publishing applications using XQuery, XSL-FO, and XSLT technologies to generate PDF or HTML output from any data source.
  • XML Schema Editor - Support for visual XML Schema editing, validation, XSD documentation generation, and other XSD utilities.
  • Document Type Definition (DTD) Editor - Stylus Studio? XML Enterprise Suite includes a visual DTD editor, integrated DTD validator, and various DTD generation utilities.
  • XPath Tools - Utilities for XPath 1.0/2.0, including XPath Evaluator, XPath Expression Generator, Sense:X for XPath (Intelligent XPath Editing), and much more!
  • Web Services Tools - Supports Web Service Development via a Web Service Call Composer, UDDI Registry Browser, and other tools that make it easy to find, test, and use Web services.
  • XML Mapping Tools - Map data in one format to another using visual drag-and-drop mappers, including support for mapping to and from XML documents, Web service data, relational data, flat file to XML conversion, EDI to XML conversion, and more.
  • Relational Database Connectivity Tools - If you're working with relational and XML data, mapping database to XML or XML to database, our powerful database and XML tools are a must-have for database architects, database developers, and Database Administrators (DBA's). Database support includes SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, My SQL.
  • Java and XML Tools - Build XML-enabled Java applications, XML-Java debugger, and more.
  • HTML/XHTML and Web Design Tools - Easily design advanced XML-data driven Web sites with handy XML tools for Web Designers! Stylus Studio generates XSLT which transforms XML to HTML.
  • XSD Tools - XSD editing, conversion, validation, documentation generation and much more.

Powerful XML Development Tools

  • Intelligent XML Development - Sense:X Intelligent XML Editing is your very own, personal XML guide. A powerful XML editor to get you through any XML challenge.
  • Synchronized Views - Three general purpose XML editing views, Text View, Tree View, and Grid View, allow you to work with and edit XML documents in whatever way suits you best.
  • XML Publisher - The HTML WYSIWYG Designer does not require any knowledge of the HTML syntax - just enter content like a word processor - change colors, add pictures, etc.
  • XML Validation Architecture - Our Open XML Parsing & XML Validation Architecture guarantees xml development support for the same XML processor and/or XML validator that you use in your production environment.
  • XML Grid View - The XML Grid View provides an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface enabling XML developers to more productively work with relational data or any XML document with repeating data structures.
  • XML Differencing - The integrated XML Differencing tool, perfect for XML developers, visually computed and analyzes any changes made to files or folders in a highly configurable, XML-aware fashion.
  • XSLT Developer - Stylus Studio? XML Enterprise Suite includes a robust XSLT editor, Sense:X Intelligent XSLT development, single-click XSLT transformation, modular per-template views, refactoring capabilities, and much more!
  • XSLT Mapper - XSLT Developers can utilize Universal XSLT Mapping to visually work with any XSLT file, mapping data from one or more input files to any output format.
  • XQuery Development - Stylus Studio? XML Enterprise Suite is the first and only XML IDE to include a full featured, integrated XQuery Editor. XQuery Developers can utilize Sense:X Intelligent XQuery editing for streamlined XQuery development.

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